We are looking forward to see you on February 7, 2020 in Brno.

Up to 4 members in teams aged 0 - 19. No registration fee. Most discplines are based on the LEGO Mindrstorms.

Practical informations

please read the practical information and the schedule 

Overview of competitions and rules

We compete in 7 categories: Line follower, Bear reascue/Bear rescue advanced, Drag race LEGO, Drag race NonLEGO, Freestyle and Freestyle WeDo. More informations about disciplines. Are you keen on the rules? Follow here.


We start at 8.00. Have a look at all schedule.


Do you want to participate in cybernetic competition - Robotiáda? Do not hesitate and register. The Robot Inspirator will help you to register.


Results of the last Robotiada and previous years. Look here.


Are you interested in awards?